BGX, Bolder’s Client Platform

BGX, Bolder’s Client Platform, is the keystone for seamlessly integrating top-tier financial software into Bolder’s operations. The platform ensures security through two-factor authentication, focusing on a single-login approach for each client.

Throughout our years of service, we have adopted various platforms such as AFAS, NAVOne, Paxus and Mantra. With BGX, we now have a centralised hub for these systems and portals to make communication easier. These are: 

  • Client Portal (Coming Soon): Enabling clients to access critical information, chat with their representatives and request new services;
  • Investor Portal: Facilitating communication and engagement with investors;
  • Economic Substance Portal (Coming Soon): Handling compliance and regulatory requirements, submission of data
  • Collaboration Portal: Promoting teamwork and collaboration within the organisation and with third-party auditors.

Functionalities already available within BGX include :

  • Online verification of individual and corporate due diligence using digital KYC and KYB integrations
  • British Virgin Islands Annual Financial Return submission
  • Customisable and individually branded KYC / AML workflows

Coming soon to BGX :

  • DocuSign: Simplifying electronic signature management;
  • PowerBI: Providing extensive business intelligence and analytics;
  • Payments: Requesting and managing payments.
Jack Boocock
Global Head of Technology
Mark Young
Mark Young
Lead of Technical Business Operations