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Tech, Finance and Bolder Solutions

Amid changing regulations and the evolution of the financial landscape, service providers must harness the potential of technology and maximise the opportunities that it offers.

US fund managers in Luxembourg

What makes Luxembourg funds attractive to US fund managers

Luxembourg fund vehicles are an ideal choice for US fund managers looking to enter the EU market and access global investment opportunities.


The stages of the fund life cycle

Asset managers have diverse options when launching a fund, depending on their risk appetite, investment objectives and portfolio.

Bolder Group Ireland Senior members

Bolder Group commences operations in Ireland with three senior members  

Bolder Group expands its global footprint by increasing its presence in the European Union as it completed the acquisition of Business Services Group (BSG), an Ireland-based licenced trust and corporate services provider.

fund administration trends for 2023
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The trends in fund administration in 2023

With estimates indicating further market growth, fund administration for alternatives will continue to present growth opportunities.


What does a fund accountant do?

Fund accounting is a valuable facet of fund administration.

open-ended funds in luxembourg

Open-ended funds administration in Luxembourg: What you should know 

Luxembourg has become a top performer in the alternative investment fund sector in recent years.


What you should know about Cayman Islands fund administration

The Cayman Islands – a top funds centre The Cayman Islands, a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea, is considered to be one of the leading financial hubs internationally.

fund administration in Hong Kong

The role of fund administration in Hong Kong’s diverse fund industry 

The thriving fund management industry in Hong Kong requires the need of fund administration services.


Fund administration, explained

Fund administration, an industry that has grown significantly over the years, is worth USD8 billion to USD 12 billion.

bolder group fund administration firm

Breaking barriers: What fund administration firm Bolder Group does best 

Bolder Group, as a fund administration firm, offers solutions for private and corporate clients in thirteen locations worldwide.

fund administration service in Egypt

The rise of VC, PE in Egypt and the role of fund administration 

With a fast-growing economy acting as a crossroad for businesses, there is a great need for fund administration in Egypt.

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Global Fund Administration Services: Key Trends

The global economy has experienced colossal shift, due to Covid. What are the trends that affect the global fund administration services?


The Point: Office and staff leasing in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Netherlands

The Point is opening its doors to investors looking for business addresses in Hong Kong, Singapore and Amsterdam.