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With the acquisition of Irish firm BSG, Bolder expands its global footprint.

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We believe in a bolder future. An open world where people, businesses and capital can move freely to form a truly global marketplace.  A world wherein each business idea and personal belief can reach its full potential whilst at the same time respecting local customs, traditions and laws. 

We support ideas, ambitions, growth and acceleration, because we truly believe the potential of globalisation for businesses and professionals is unlimited. As a corporate & fund service provider, we guide and assist you in your international business and investment activities to effectively break the barriers in this present complex global market place.

Our ultimate goal: to add value to business and society in a bolder way.


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ESG and PE Funds

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Bolder Group expands global footprint, acquires Irish firm BSG

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Proposed amendments to ATAD 3 (January 2023)

On 17 January 2023, the EU Parliament proposed a number of amendments to the Anti-tax avoidance directive 3 (ATAD 3) or what is known as the Unshell Directive. read more


Extended VCC Grant Scheme: What you need to know

Two days prior to its original expiration on 13 January 2023, the VCC Grant Scheme was extended for another two years to 15 January 2025. read more


Bolder Group acquires Molade Trust Management

The regulatory authorities in the Netherlands have approved Bolder Group’s acquisition of Molade Trust Management, effective 01 December 2022. read more


Bolder Group x Accace: global payroll solutions with local focus

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Bolder and StegX: Partners in a digital real estate funds sector

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Corporate services: an overview

Corporate services are business solutions that enable organisations to focus on their core business activities. read more

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