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EU expands rules on crypto-asset transfers 

As part of its efforts to combat ML/TF in the crypto space, the EU expands its rules to make crypto-asset transfers traceable.

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Are crypto assets back to being ‘investible’?

Cryptocurrencies, the most well-known type of crypto asset, have been around since the early 1980s.


A guide on ICOs and Cryptocurrency in the British Virgin Islands  

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have gained momentum as a favoured fundraising method for businesses seeking to secure capital in the form of cryptocurrencies, tokens and virtual assets.


Cryptocurrency in Asia: a brief overview

Three countries from Asia ranked the highest in terms of cryptocurrency adoption: Vietnam, India and Pakistan.


UK, US looking to push CBDCs as alternative to crypto

Financial authorities from the US and UK are looking to strengthen regulations on the broader crypto market and explore CBDCs.


Stricter cryptocurrency regulations in Hong Kong await players and VASPs

Here are the key points you need to know about the new cryptocurrency regulations in Hong Kong under the AML/CTF (Amendment) Bill 2022.

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EU finalises new market rules to control ‘Wild West’ crypto 

The European Parliament and European Union (EU) member states have agreed to strengthen rules and parameters to control what they consider the ‘wild west’ of the financial markets — the crypto world.

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Global Fund Administration Services: Key Trends

The global economy has experienced colossal shift, due to Covid.


Crypto may soon be taxed in the Philippines, where a new admin is taking over 

To help pay off a record-high national debt, the current Philippine administration proposes imposing taxes on crypto transactions.


Stablecoin in spotlight: After steep decline, G7 calls for tougher crypto regulations

Following the epic crash of the algorithmic stablecoin Terra Luna, G7 calls for swift and tougher crypto regulations.


From billions to cents: how did Terra Luna crash, and what’s next?   

At one point, the Terra Luna blockchain was valued at $40 billion.


Want to invest in cryptocurrency in the Philippines? Here’s some useful info 

Where to trade and the regulations: things to keep in mind if you plan to invest in cryptocurrency in the Philippines.

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KYC in Switzerland, and how crypto and tech changed the Swiss due diligence process

What are the standard requirements to comply with the process of KYC in Switzerland? Find out in this blog.

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Global Ripple: Let’s talk about the Russia-Ukraine War and the Financial World 

In this blog, we talk about the Russia-Ukraine war and the financial world; and how the conflict sows crucial changes in the global economy.

war in the age of crypto. bolder blog
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War in the age of crypto: In times of unrest, what role do digital assets play?


Crypto exchanges and digital compliance

KYC in crypto laws and its updates are made to secure the financial structure that digital assets hold on to.

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Washing, cashing: the lost coins, treasure men and money laundering in cryptocurrency

How does money laundering in the cryptocurrency ecosystem work? Let’s talk about tumblers, treasure men and high risk crypto transactions.

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ESG in Cryptocurrencies

In the know: Understand how cryptocurrencies and ESG go hand in hand in these times; Is Crypto ESG-friendly?; and how do you mind crypto with sustainability in mind?  This blog discusses the take on ESG and Cryptocurrencies, two recent booming concepts in the finance industry.


Dissecting the Directive on Administrative Cooperation (DAC 8) and its impact on crypto

The EU Commission is regulating transparency in crypto through the Directive on Administrative Cooperation.

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Money in codes: The why, the how and the risks of cryptocurrency

Why invest in cryptocurrency, and how can crypto fund administration services help you grow your digital wealth? Find out in this Bolder blog.

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ABCrypto: The basics of digital assets

What are the basics of cryptocurrency? Read on to know the ABCs of crypto.