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New EU Sustainability Rules – what awaits EU and non-EU Companies

As part of its efforts to promote sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) and combat greenwashing, the European Union modified the last Directive 2014/95/EU or the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD).

Opportunities in Northern Africa for VC and PE investors
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The emerging VC and PE investment in Africa

The African financial sector has been active in the last 25 years; and thanks to digitalisation in the more recent years, emerging financial institution startups in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Madacasgar have been enjoying a smoother access to the global financial market.

ESG and PE Funds

The fast-growing relationship between ESG and PE Funds

Private equity (PE) funds continue to be an attractive investment vehicle for institutional clients and high income and net worth individuals.

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ESG Updates for 2023

The Sustainable Finance Action Plan establishes a framework regulation in the EU (European Union) for the financial services and investment management sector to facilitate and accelerate the flow of capital from private investors to sustainable projects and businesses.

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Global Fund Administration Services: Key Trends

The global economy has experienced colossal shift, due to Covid.

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Making sense of ESG ratings

Elon Musk calls ESG ratings a scam; and while ESG is not exactly the way he described it, the billionaire has a point.

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Global Ripple: Let’s talk about the Russia-Ukraine War and the Financial World 

In this blog, we talk about the Russia-Ukraine war and the financial world; and how the conflict sows crucial changes in the global economy.


ESG niches: What makes a green portfolio?

Climate change, human rights and diversity are some of the biggest ESG niches.

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ESG in Cryptocurrencies

In the know: Understand how cryptocurrencies and ESG go hand in hand in these times; Is Crypto ESG-friendly?; and how do you mind crypto with sustainability in mind?  This blog discusses the take on ESG and Cryptocurrencies, two recent booming concepts in the finance industry.

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Bubble Trouble: Are ESG assets frothy?

Experts believe a ‘green asset’ bubble is forming due to the rapid growth of ESG assets, now projected to be worth $140 trillion by 2025.