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What is the EU’s Debt-Equity Bias Reduction Allowance (DEBRA)?

On 11 May 2022, the European Commission published an EU Directive proposing a debt-equity bias reduction allowance (DEBRA).


Stablecoin in spotlight: After steep decline, G7 calls for tougher crypto regulations

Following the epic crash of the algorithmic stablecoin Terra Luna, G7 calls for swift and tougher crypto regulations.


From billions to cents: how did Terra Luna crash, and what’s next?   

At one point, the Terra Luna blockchain was valued at $40 billion.


More than a year after Brexit, firms seek space in the Netherlands 

The warehouse space in the Rotterdam port started expanding due to the influx of Brexit companies seeking to distribute from the Netherlands.


Want to invest in cryptocurrency in the Philippines? Here’s some useful info 

Where to trade and the regulations: things to keep in mind if you plan to invest in cryptocurrency in the Philippines.


On the rise: why and how to set up a family office in Asia  

In this blog, we talk about how to set up a family office in Asia and the benefits of doing so.


KYC in Switzerland, and how crypto and tech changed the Swiss due diligence process

What are the standard requirements to comply with the process of KYC in Switzerland? Find out in this blog.


Want to start a business in the Netherlands? Here are 5 reasons to go for it! 

There are many reasons to start a business in the Netherlands—strategic commercial location, workforce and … find out more in this blog.


Global Ripple: Let’s talk about the Russia-Ukraine War and the Financial World 

In this blog, we talk about the Russia-Ukraine war and the financial world; and how the conflict sows crucial changes in the global economy.

Registering a UBO in the Netherlands

Registering a UBO in the Netherlands – a detailed guide

How do you register your company’s ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) in the Netherlands? We walk you through the process in this guide for local and foreign businesses in the Dutch country.


Succession planning for businesses

Let’s discuss about succession planning, why it is important, and what the steps are when choosing a successor.

Bolder Women

Bolder Women in Finance: Women’s Month celebration 2022

#Breakthebarrier with Women in Finance.

war in the age of crypto. bolder blog

War in the age of crypto: In times of unrest, what role do digital assets play?


What exactly is NFT?

An NFT is an equivalent of a digital asset like an image, a video, a meme, a gif, etc.


ESG niches: What makes a green portfolio?

Climate change, human rights and diversity are some of the biggest ESG niches.


Taxing your Cryptocurrencies – US Laws 

With roughly 59 million Americans who own some form of crypto, the IRS has begun sending letters to virtual currency owners advising them to pay back taxes and file amended returns as part of tax compliance beginning in 2019.


AML Compliance: The risks of poor practice and what not to miss

An oversight in your AML compliance procedures may lead to trouble.


Crypto exchanges and digital compliance

KYC in crypto laws and its updates are made to secure the financial structure that digital assets hold on to.


Washing, cashing: the lost coins, treasure men and money laundering in cryptocurrency

How does money laundering in the cryptocurrency ecosystem work? Let’s talk about tumblers, treasure men and high risk crypto transactions.


KYC and AML in Asia: From a legal lens

Find out the key AML, KYC rules in Southeast Asian nations.

money laundering EU

AML, KYC regulations in the EU: The Union’s war vs. illicit finance

AML and KYC regulations in the EU differ from each jurisdiction.

crypto coins

ESG in Cryptocurrencies

In the know: Understand how cryptocurrencies and ESG go hand in hand in these times; Is Crypto ESG-friendly?; and how do you mind crypto with sustainability in mind?  This blog discusses the take on ESG and Cryptocurrencies, two recent booming concepts in the finance industry.

investigating source of funds for kyc policies

KYC policies in the Americas: Vet now, bet later

Know Your Customer policies differ in each jurisdiction.

bolder blog: money laundering in the art market

The art of money laundering and money laundering in the art market

Art deals may be discreet, but the problems in money laundering in the art market is no secret.


Dissecting the Directive on Administrative Cooperation (DAC 8) and its impact on crypto

The EU Commission is regulating transparency in crypto through the Directive on Administrative Cooperation.

Bolder Understanding KYC

Know the risk, know the clients: Why KYC is a crucial security layer for FIs and investors

Know Your Customer or KYC is a process that protects investor interest and advisor reputation.

Bolder Blog ESG

Bubble Trouble: Are ESG assets frothy?

Experts believe a ‘green asset’ bubble is forming due to the rapid growth of ESG assets, now projected to be worth $140 trillion by 2025.

Bolder Blog Crypto Fund Administration Services

Money in codes: The why, the how and the risks of cryptocurrency

Why invest in cryptocurrency, and how can crypto fund administration services help you grow your digital wealth? Find out in this Bolder blog.


On ESG Compliance, and the matters that should matter

Learn what social global investing (ESG) is, how it is measured and how to make your investments ESG compliant.

Bolder Cryptocurrency

ABCrypto: The basics of digital assets

What are the basics of cryptocurrency? Read on to know the ABCs of crypto.