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legal structures in Spain

The different types of legal structures in Spain 

One of the most crucial things to consider when starting a business in Spain is the type of company you want to establish.


Singapore – a global business hub and Asia’s Switzerland

Singapore is considered to be one of the leading business hubs, not only in Southeast Asia, but also in the world.


How to start a business in Ireland: structures, requirements and laws 

Ireland is a great place to live and start a business.


Proposed amendments to ATAD 3 (January 2023)

On 17 January 2023, the EU Parliament proposed a number of amendments to the Anti-tax avoidance directive 3 (ATAD 3) or what is known as the Unshell Directive.


2023 Compliance challenges to prepare for in the financial services market

Compliance across industries covers a variety of concerns.


ESG Compliance: 2023 Outlook

In 2023, corporate sustainability will certainly change due to the continued energy crisis and increased global commitment to biodiversity conservation.


Extended VCC Grant Scheme: What you need to know

Two days prior to its original expiration on 13 January 2023, the VCC Grant Scheme was extended for another two years to 15 January 2025.

Section 110 Companies

An overview of Section 110 Companies in Ireland 

Section 110 allows eligible Irish resident SPVs to engage in a wide range of financial and leasing activities in a tax-neutral way.

crypto crash

After a shaky 2022, what awaits crypto in 2023?

After a hectic 2022 and the start of crypto winter, should you invest in the digital asset world this 2023? Read on.


Corporate services: an overview

Corporate services are business solutions that enable organisations to focus on their core business activities.


Market entry and starting a business abroad in 2023: What to know

In today’s globalised business environment, entering a new market or starting a business abroad calls for a rigorous strategy and a firm knowledge of local and international conditions.

fund administration trends for 2023

The trends in fund administration in 2023

With estimates indicating further market growth, fund administration for alternatives will continue to present growth opportunities.


New DAC amendments propose reporting of crypto activities

Under a recent EU proposal, crypto-asset service providers are required to report user transactions.


2023 Trends on Compliance

Now more than ever, compliance serves a critical part in an organisation’s growth.

family office trends in 2023

Family Office trends to watch in 2023 

An excellent way to guarantee that family wealth is properly managed and handed on to future generations is by establishing a family office, which provides opportunities to increase wealth as well as preserve assets.

opportunities for real estate in Spain

Why you should invest in Spanish real estate

Spain is recovering, which is a great news for one of the countries that was most severely affected by the pandemic.


Key EU Laws on shell companies

The European Union (EU) has made several efforts to impose stricter rules on the use of shell companies.


Bolder Outlook: What awaits the PE market in 2023

Alternative investment assets have continued to grow in the past few years, with private equity (PE) playing a significant part in its growth.


Company set up in Spain: how to begin

The Kingdom of Spain is well-known for its art, landscape, cuisine and architecture.


A brief overview of the new Administrative Dissolution Procedure in Luxembourg 

Earlier this year, the Luxembourg parliament introduced the latest draft of Bill No.

ATAD 3 Proposal

An overview of the EU’s new anti-tax avoidance directive

In the recent years, the EU has been imposing stricter rules to deter tax evasion, especially in the wake of scandals in the financial services industry.


The need for transparency report in the funds market

Fund transparency report and due diligence address the demand for transparency concerning the investments markets.

crypto-asset framework

OECD pushes for tax transparency through Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework 

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), has published the Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework (CARF) to G20 countries on 10 October 2022.


Singapore’s thriving startup scene

Singapore continues to position itself as one of the strongest investment destinations for funds and startups globally.


What does a fund accountant do?

Fund accounting is a valuable facet of fund administration.

EU taxonomy

EU Taxonomy: Identifying sustainable economic activities 

There was no regulatory pressure on ESG and sustainability issues prior to 2018, but since then, there have been initiatives made globally to encourage investors, financiers and businesses to adopt more sustainable business practices.

AML watchdog in EU

New AML watchdog in EU set to take a closer look at crypto sector

Combating the flow of dirty money is a complex problem that has existed for a while.

open-ended funds in luxembourg

Open-ended funds administration in Luxembourg: What you should know 

Luxembourg has become a top performer in the alternative investment fund sector in recent years.


What you should know about Cayman Islands fund administration

The Cayman Islands – a top funds centre The Cayman Islands, a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea, is considered to be one of the leading financial hubs internationally.

US crypto tax reporting

What you need to know about crypto tax reporting in the US 

Virtual currency transactions, including through cryptocurrency, in the US are taxable, just like any other kind of property.

recession funds

Surviving a recession: the best funds to invest in during an economic turmoil

The recession caused by the pandemic affected not just the world economy but also other financial systems, especially investment funds.


Here’s why you should be doing business in Luxembourg 

A small Western European country, Luxembourg (officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), is one of the most alluring business hubs in the region.

fund administration in Hong Kong

The role of fund administration in Hong Kong’s diverse fund industry 

The thriving fund management industry in Hong Kong requires the need of fund administration services.


Why set up a VCC in Singapore: key features

Since its official launch in January 2020, over 400 Variable Capital Companies or VCCs have been set up or re-domiciled in Singapore.

beneficial ownership

Everything you need to know about the Beneficial Ownership Register in UK, Switzerland and the Caribbean 

Understanding the disparities in beneficial ownership laws in different jurisdictions is necessary for compliance.


Cryptocurrency in Asia: a brief overview

Three countries from Asia ranked the highest in terms of cryptocurrency adoption: Vietnam, India and Pakistan.


ESG: The social factor

The ESG social factor is considered the ‘middle child’ of the three pillars.

UBO register in Asia

UBO Register in Asia: The rules of Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines

Current regulations highlight the trend toward UBO transparency.


Fund administration, explained

Fund administration, an industry that has grown significantly over the years, is worth USD8 billion to USD 12 billion.

UBO register

What you need to know about UBO Registers in the US, Netherlands and Luxembourg 

Companies and other legal entities need to register at least one UBO.


Stricter cryptocurrency regulations in Hong Kong await players and VASPs

Here are the key points you need to know about the new cryptocurrency regulations in Hong Kong under the AML/CTF (Amendment) Bill 2022.

economic crime act 2022

The UK’s Economic Crime Act 2022: What you need to know

On 15 March 2022, the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act received royal assent which would help the UK combat economic crime.

foreign market entry

Things To Consider Before You Enter a Foreign Market 

Foreign Market Entry is basically introducing your company to new markets by selling your product or service in a different country.

bolder group fund administration firm

Breaking barriers: What fund administration firm Bolder Group does best 

Bolder Group, as a fund administration firm, offers solutions for private and corporate clients in thirteen locations worldwide.

fund administration service in Egypt

The rise of VC, PE in Egypt and the role of fund administration 

With a fast-growing economy acting as a crossroad for businesses, there is a great need for fund administration in Egypt.


Global Fund Administration Services: Key Trends

The global economy has experienced colossal shift, due to Covid.


KYC Mistakes That You Can Avoid

KYC mistakes may result in income loss and brand damage.

esg ratings

Making sense of ESG ratings

Elon Musk calls ESG ratings a scam; and while ESG is not exactly the way he described it, the billionaire has a point.


Strategic Philanthropy: the business of giving and receiving

Strategic Philanthropy is a unique way to connect a company’s marketing aims with the desire to improve the well-being of mankind.


Crypto may soon be taxed in the Philippines, where a new admin is taking over 

To help pay off a record-high national debt, the current Philippine administration proposes imposing taxes on crypto transactions.