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Bolder Group is a global fund and corporate services provider with locations in major financial hubs across the globe. The Group provides company formation and corporate services in Spain, as well as other EU locations.  

Why do business in Spain? 

Not only is Spain a cultural and gastronomical centre, but it is also a promising investment destination for international entrepreneurs looking to set up a company or expand their existing business. With a population of over 47 million, Spain is the EU’s fifth-largest country in terms of nominal GDP. As a corporate services provider in Spain, Bolder Group understands the business environment in the country and why it is a good investment destination.  

  1. With a GDP of over $1.2 trillion, Spain is the world’s 14th biggest economy.
  1. Spain is an EU member state. Spain’s membership in the EU grants its access to the region’s large consumer market, where the average per capita income is $38,200 as of 2021.  
  1. Spain has a strategic location. With strong trade partnerships in the EMEA region, Spanish businesses can also access consumers in Latin America, the Middle East and Northern Africa.  
  1. Spain is a signatory to tax treaties with over 90 countries, including economic powerhouses Germany, China, the UAE, the US, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, among others.  
  1. Spain offers tax regimes for companies with research and development activities. It provides up to 42 per cent corporate tax credit for companies engaging in R&D processes.  
  1. Spain has a tax regime that allows exempts holding companies from taxes when transferring shares and dividends to subsidiaries.  
  1. With over 30,000 ICT companies based in Spain, the country offers an ideal destination for tech startups and scaleups and the telecommunications market.  
  1. Spain offers companies involved in RDI activities up to 40 per cent discount in social security contributions for staff working on R&D.  
  1. Spanish is a widely spoken language, which gives local companies in Spain a competitive advantage in penetrating the Latin American market. 
  1. Spain’s 15 ports allow for the free movement of goods to other jurisdictions. In 2021, the Port of Valencia was the fourth busiest port in Europe. According to the World Shipping Council, it is also the 30th biggest port in the world.  

Entering the Spanish Market 

Below are the common types of legal entities that can be established in Spain. Bolder Group, as a corporate service provider, also offers company formation and market entry services.  

Type of company Required number of partnersMinimum paid-up capital 
Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (SL) or Limited Liability Company 1 minimum partner € 3,000 
Sociedad Anonima (SA) or Limited company 1 minimum partner € 60,000 
Representative office  N/ANo minimum capital 
Branch office  N/ANo minimum capital 

Bolder’s Corporate Services in Spain 

  • Company/SPV formation and Shelf Companies                           
  • Directorship (private/corporate)
  • Domiciliation                                                                          
  • Accounting/Reporting                                                            
  • Legal secretary
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Tax representative           
  • Local (tax filings)             
  • Payroll                                                                                                                     
  • Obtain NIE/NIF for individuals/companies                            
  • Bank account opening                                                           
  • Electronic mailbox Tax Authorities                                       
  • Act on behalf of clients with PoA in RE/PE deals     
  • Property management 

Real Estate 

Private investors who are high net worth individuals or ultra HNWI are attracted to luxury properties in Spain due to the weather and lower cost of living in Spanish cities compared to other major cities like Paris, Amsterdam or London. Real estate properties in Spain are often also used as an investment and rented out to expats or to holiday goers. The easiest way to acquire real estate in Spain is via a Spanish company. Here are the requirements to form a Spanish Company:  

  • Corporate name 
  • Tax Identification Number 
  • Bank account 
  • Share capital  
  • Public deed (with a notary) 
  • Companies Registry 

Investors looking to acquire real estate in Spain can seek the assistance of Bolder Group. Our company formation experts in Madrid have been in the business for decades and speak Spanish, making it easier for you to penetrate the real estate market and secure your investments in the country. Contact our Bolder representatives to know more about investing in Spain’s real estate market.  

In addition, RE investors in Spain can benefit from Bolder Group’s property management services offering, to make sure accounting is done properly, all correct taxes are paid, and they are compliant with the laws surrounding property investments.  

Entering the Spanish market? Go Bolder 

Bolder Group is an independent global organisation that provides fund services and corporate services in 14 countries, including Spain. Our corporate services in Spain include SPV formation and corporate secretarial support. For more information about services in Spain, please contact the Bolder representatives below.  

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