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Bolder Corporate Services (USA) Inc.
1110 Brickell Avenue – Suite 310
Miami, FL 33131, USA
Florida, USA
+ 1 305 373 3007

Bolder Fund Services (USA) LLC
1110 Brickell Avenue – Suite 310,
Miami, FL 33131, USA
Florida, USA
+1 786 753 8747

390 North Orange Avenue, Suite 2185
Orlando, FL 32801
Florida, USA
+1 631 839 8181

Bolder Corporate Services
150 East 58th street, 22nd floor,
New York, NY 10155, USA
+1 786 835 7732

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The Florida Office of Financial Regulation DOES NOT provide safety and soundness oversight of this company, does not provide any opinion as to any affiliated companies or products, and does not provide the oversight of this company’s affiliated international trust entities or the jurisdictions within which they operate. This company may not act as a fiduciary and may not accept the fiduciary appointment, execute, or transmit fiduciary documents, take possession of any assets, create a fiduciary relationship, make discretionary decisions regarding the investment or distribution of fiduciary accounts, provide banking services, or promote or sell investments.

Certain described services are not offered to the general public in the State of Florida but are marketed by Bolder Corporate Services (BVI) Limited exclusively to professionals and current or prospective non-U.S. resident clients of the affiliated international trust entity or entities.